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The Reykjavik Cabinet



created in Perth, Western Australia. Inspired by Iceland.


Edition of 10. Each cabinet features a small copper plate engraved with the edition number.

Victorian Ash, copper, brass, steel, MDF



Iceland is a beautiful and unique country where oddness and magic are part of everyday life. The Reykjavik Cabinet project (named after the Icelandic capital) seeks to express this sense of quirkiness and adventure.


Early concepts for the design were sketched out on hot-chocolate stained note paper in a little cafe in the middle of a blizzard (though the locals would call it more of a light powdering), inspired by my observations of life around me.


Iceland is isolated and rugged and the people have a very practical relationship to the objects they need, buy, and use, but this doesnt mean their ‘stuff’ is ugly! With snowcapped mountains, volcanoes, and elves lurking around the city, ‘stuff’ can get interesting...


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