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Fremantle Harbour as seen by train




Digital photography, ceramics, installation furniture, silver, dioramas.

Ongoing installation and mix media project, first shown in the group exhibition Fathom alongside Arianne Palassis and Simryn Gill. Included in the inaugural Fremantle biennale High~Tide in 2017.

I have been working on Fremantle harbour as seen by train since I moved to Fremantle in 2013. I’m captivated by the slow theatre of the harbour, viewed from both the high vantage point of my apartment home and the gentle panning of daily rail crossings. The body of work explores collective memory, perspective, landscape imagery and site specific rhythmical synchronicity. Various laborious craft processes capture a warm affinity and recognition of the shared ritual on the train. Intimate scale and constructed vistas express the absorption of the grand industrial sphere with my domestic spaces and rituals.   

This project was supported by the Fremantle Arts Centre and the Western Australian Department of Culture and Arts.

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WILHELM silver pieces
Fremantle Geodes
Island Tables
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