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Commissioned by SPACED and created in collaboration with the residents of the City of Melville for SPACED: Know Thy Neighbour #3

Curated by Mayma Awaida

Drawing from my own love of dogs and experience as a dog-mum, I started this residency acutely aware of the strong bonds between humans and dogs. My particular fascination was with the ability for dogs to coalesce the social codes which dichotomise private vs. public spaces, and whether these interactions varied (or were mirrored) within a specific locale.  

The Shelly Telly project maps out literally, emotionally, and sensorially the ‘more than human’ landscape of the City of Melville as experienced by the dog/human unit.

The products of various public activities such as map-making, story telling, and clay sculpture were translated into the 'Shelly Telly' video game and custom console.


Video game developed in collaboration with Jamie Sher.

Text and installation images courtesy of Mayma Awaida.

More information about SPACED here.

Shown at Cullity Gallery, University of Western Australia, Feb-Mar 2023

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