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I work between the port town of Fremantle, the Perth hills, various sites in the WA wheatbelt, and international residencies.


From a hybrid background in art and design my practice continually returns to objects and the networks of agency held within them. Increasingly I have focused on the roles the environment, anxiety, personal history, and optimism play in this system. I draw upon experiences living in extreme Arctic environments (such as Upernavik, Greenland, and Longyearbyen, Svalbar) and elsewhere (including Shigaraki Ceramic Culture Park, Japan).


Recently this has taken on a speculative approach: transforming processes and phenomena such as weather, flight, or public services along with personally significant elements such as memory, family, and class into critical ‘what-if’ scenarios.

My recent work draws upon the heroic spirit of cooperation that defines the polar regions (and other ‘frontiers’ of change) and complicated personal histories. My sweetly absurd and often grand gestures suggest that collective hard work, exchange, and bravery are essential for adaptation to change.

I graduated with a BA (Fine Art) from Curtin University, Western Australia in 2009 and an Advanced Diploma of Product Design and Innovation at Central Instititute of Technology in 2014. I live in Perth, Western Australia, but am often found elsewhere (especially where its very very cold).


See my CV here.

Legacy 1, 2019. video still
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