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One Word For Snow




One Word For Snow is a TRANSART 2017 project, and annual initiative of temporary and experimental art supported by the City of Perth.

One Word For Snow is really about the absurdity and joy of snow in Perth.

The project exists as a series of surprise 'snow' storms around Perth CBD and Northbridge in June and July 2017 and accompanying online presence.



The Perth Snow Report website and One Word For Snow social media (Facebook and Instagram @onewordforsnow) provided followers with the tools to predict the blizzard times and locations. Regular updates, forecasts, 'snowcams', and alerts allowed Perth citizens the chance to chase the snow.

Snow in Perth is an absurd notion. Despite the sunny nature of our environment, snow features heavily in our ideas about winter weather. In Perth we create refrigerated winter wonderlands in a tent, celebrate ‘Christmas in July’, even devote whole news segments to a bit of grubby frost atop Bluff Knoll and hurtle down Albany Highway to go see it!

We love the idea of the stuff. But as the worlds climate becomes warmer even those snowy mountains and white Christmases of our collective imagination become barer and European ski resorts pump machine-made snow onto the slopes.

One Word For Snow pokes gentle fun at how we in Perth mythologise and chase this beautiful thing whilst examining a subversive undercurrent to it. This project uses the element of surprise to highlight how reveling in artificially produced snow reveals the discrepancies between human desires and the realities of our environment. By creating a fictional space for snow in Perth the project aims to bring people closer to the dynamic realities of our changing weather and how our desires must adjust alongside it not against it for a more sustainable future.

Snow Day 4. Video by Peter Cheng, music by Molly Biddle.

Snow Day 1. Interview with City of Perth.

Snow Day 1. Channel 9 weather report, June 9th 2017.

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