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Long Neck Takes a Bow

Long Neck Takes a Bow


Limited Edition of 10. Made to order.

Solid stirling silver

H: 40mm W:18mm D:35-50mm

Inspired by the hard working cranes of Fremantle harbour. This configuration features a little sea container mid-way along the crane's neck.

This little mate is made to order and completely unique, so slight variation from the picture is inevitable and beautiful!

The crane can be admired as sculpture or worn as a pendant necklace should you experience separation anxiety <3


If you're feeling extra fancy and would like a SOLID GOLD crane, or have any other requests for customisation, please contact me at and I'll make it happen!

  • ~Shipping~

    Please note, as this item is made to order there is a processing time of around 5-10 business days. Standard shipping will then take approx. 3-10 business days (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays not included) for orders within Australia and up to 20 business days or more for international countries.

Copyright Amy Perejuan-Capone, 2017

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