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Cave of Forms Series


2015 Ongoing



Watercolour, enamel, graphite, glow pigment on paper or calico.


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Cave of Forms, Northbridge




City of Perth Roe Street Light Locker commission.


Watercolour, graphite, enamel, glow pigment on paper, ceramic tiles, timber, copper wire.

Imagery of the street and daily life in Northbridge, Perth, rendered in low-relief ceramic tiles and tension suspended to explore the cultural, autobiographical, and geographical connections between elements. Photos: Shoshana Kruger




Cave of Forms, Northbridge. Photos by Shoshana Kruger

Cave of Forms, Long Drama




Graphite, acrylic, calico, ceramic.


Large drawing/painting on calico (for hanging) with raku ceramic sculpture installation. 2400mm x 6000mm.


Exhibited at Schoolhouse Studios, Melbourne 2016



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