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pouch lamp



created in Perth, Western Australia


kangaroo hide, copper, aluminium, linen, zippers, LEDs, electronics



Throughout the Pouch Lamp project I have explored several key aesthetic and conceptual themes related to the idea of deep time, such as geological features, palaeobotanical imagery, natural resource extraction and sustainable materials.


I have focussed on an intersection between the forms of endemic flora and fauna and have included unexpected materials and contemporary features. I feel it is this unexpectedness bordering on the absurd that defines my idea of the Australian Design Identity.

super flat picnic kit



created in Perth, Western Australia


jarrah, pine, leather, cotton, aluminium,
PLA plastic (3D print)



The idea behind the SuperFlat Picnic Kit is to encourage impromptu picnicking.


I have endeavoured to make it as slim and light as possible (similar in size and lighter than a laptop) so that the kit can be carried around easily at any time. If one suddenly feels like enjoying lunch in the grass someplace, out emerges this full picnic set including blanket, plates, cups, cutlery and napkins! You can even invite a guest!


I wanted to make a product that allows people to make use of our many beautiful parks and green patches for a nice, slow and rather civilised little unplanned picnic. This I believe will encourage people’s appreciation for the environment and the importance of preserving green spaces in the urban landscape and reduce waste from disposable picnic ware.

Iceland concepts



created in Skagaströnd, Iceland


(various macquettes): volcanic rock, rope, wood, plastic, marine debris



This body of work was created whilst on residency at NES in a small fishing town in the north of Iceland. The landscape, human interactions with the harsh conditions and my own inexperience in such climes inspired this range of sketches. I wanted to express the tension, balance and collaboration that exists between human settlement and the environment.




created on Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland


cobblestones, aluminium foil, acrylic

salt of the earth/

light of the world



created in Albany, Western Australia


Fowler-Vacuola preserving jars, LEDs, rock salt



Table or floor lamps to be used alone or in a cluster. Orinally part of an installation consisting of 100 pieces.

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